• Raspberry Pi LCD Case 2 After using my original Raspberry Pi LCD Case for a few months on the road and corrupting my SD card (like you do), I decided it was time for a couple upgrades. Not all Raspberry Pi SD cards will suffer this fate but if you are running a database application and pulling the power cord to shut it down, you’re […] One response June 19, 2017
  • Raspberry Pi LCD Case There are so many Raspberry Pi cases floating around. I don’t expect anyone to care about this one. While there are many like it however, this one is mine. For the following project the goal was very straightforward. I needed a case that held a Raspberry Pi along with an LCD display. That’s it. I searched through many options […] One response May 31, 2017
  • Clean 3D Printer Enclosure (TAZ5) Update: You can’t buy the scrubber filter required for this build. Instead, you can purchase complete enclosures directly from the manufacturer who originally made this filter. This write-up is for anyone interested in making their own “clean” 3D printer enclosure for a Lulzbot TAZ5 (or similar). Required Parts 1. ~$360 – 3Dprintclean scrubber filter (shipping cost incl.) […] No responses June 7, 2016